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In the following days, I will publish one reviews about a British film. Which one, you will see

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Annika / Website (16.3.15 08:19)
Dear Janine Kappel,
in your review you tell us only three actors who play in the movie “Bend it like Beckham“, so I had to search for it at
But you tell us very good the difference between a good Indian girl and Jess who wants to be a normal girl who plays very good football.
I didn´t watch the movie, so I could tell you my expectations about the movie. In the movie we have Kira Nightly, who plays in “Pirates of the Caribbean“ a realy important role, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who plays in many movies which in my opinion are good movies. Meyers plays in “Shelter“, “From Paris with Love“ and “City of Bones“ a very good roles.
So I can expected that the movie “Bend it like Beckham“ is a good movie because the selection of actors is very good, in my opinion, and they have moreover actors which are not so famous, so it is a good mixture of the actors.
Out of your review I think that this is an interesting movie which shows us the conflict of a girl who wants to be different and makes what she wants to do. It seems to be like the story of Billy Elliot. We have also a girl like Billy who wants to play football, what is unnormal for a girl like billy who wants to dance, what is unnormal for a boy.
But i don´t want to watch this movie, it seems to be a movie like all other movies which show us that we can all do what we want, wherever we come from.
Thanks for your review.

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